Vintage Indy™, a member of the Vintage Motorsports Council, dedicated to the history and preservation of Indianapolis cars. Membership is open to everyone; owners, drivers, crews, fans and supporters. Our goal, through the collective efforts of our members, is to educate and ensure that these iconic cars survive for future generations.

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Angela’s father is the late Swede Savage. He led the 1973 Indianapolis 500 in only his second start. He survived a horrible crash in the race only to die from his injuries 33 days later. Angela’s mother and Swede’s wife, Sheryl, had an 8-year old daughter and was six months pregnant with Angela at the time of the accident, which she witnessed in front of her. Angela was born in October of 1973, three months after her father’s death.

With the help of Paul Powell and other devoted fans and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Angela was able to attend her first Indy 500 in 2014. It changed her life and she’s spent the last couple of years catching up with her long lost racing family.

As a member of the greater racing family, I’m proud to call Angela “L’il Sis.” She, her husband and kids are great friends.

Follow her show, Good News with Angela Savage and her work with Ted Woener & Miles Ahead.

Miles Ahead provides an extraordinary motorsports experience for corporate team experiences, charitible fund-raising events and more.  Ted Woerner and Angela Savage, daughter of Swede Savage, are your guides in this exciting motoring experiential venue.

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Mark Dill’s “First Super Speedway” is a treasure trove of motorsports history.

His recent book, The Legend of the First Super Speedway, the Battle for the Soul of American Auto Racing, “… is a tale of adventure that takes the characters across several cities and states. The setting is impeccably written, and the author paints a world that feels real and that readers want to explore. For instance, the picture of 1903 Indianapolis is vividly designed, and readers can easily imagine what auto racing was like at this time, a sport that had so many dangers associated with it. The historical setting is deftly written and packed with information that readers will want to know. The landscapes are vividly described, and the setting comes alive as a world that is exciting, and that has a life of its own. The writing is gorgeous, littered with dialogues that are well-crafted. While Mark Dill’s novel is filled with adventure and entertainment, it is an inspirational story that explores two characters who refuse to give up in spite of the odds. It is spellbinding and classic.” (from Racer©)

Born in England in 1980, my friend and founder, Darren Jack started collecting motor sport memorabilia and studying the sport from a very young age. Attending his first F1 race at the age of 4 at the San Marino Grand Prix, Jack was hooked by seeing his racing heroes, like Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell, firsthand.

Since then Jack has attended close to 1000 Motor Sport events, learning the sports history along the way and acquiring artifacts in all aspects of the sport including F1, Indycar, Sports Cars, Touring Cars, NASCAR, World Rally, Sprintcars, Formula E, Speedway, MotoGP, World Superbikes, Isle of Man TT, Motorcross and more.

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