What Drives My Art

Growing up in the world of motorsports, many of those racing fans call legends were friends and competitors of Dad’s. Many of them spent time at our house. Many of my fondest memories were indellibly etched from the sights, the sounds, the fragrances, the fans, the cars of motorsports.

It is from those memories that my art comes from whether painting racing history’s past moments or today’s drivers and cars. My hope is to convey, recreate those moments that hold significance for primarily the motorsports fan. But not just racing enthusiasts as my interests range to individuals and places, as well as cars, that illicit fun, awe, wonder, respect, inspiration and hope.

Hopefully, my art recalls a fond or exciting memory for you. Or if you wish, I’d be honored to recreate just such a moment of yours, just for you through a commissioned work.

From your vision to canvas – the steps of a commission.

  • Discussion of the artwork to be created – (subject, size, timelines, pricing)
  • Subject reference photos (artist and/or client provided)
  • Composition created (I use Adobe Photoshop to create a basic layout) until agreed
  • Commission Agreement is created, executed with copies for both patron and artist
  • Work begins with deposit (usually 50% of agreed price)
  • Delivery of work upon completion.