Son of Indy

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Son of Indy Artist,

William Homeier, Jr.

Dad qualified 18th for the 1954 Indianapolis 500. I was too young to appreciate where he was much less what impact his driving in this race would have on my brother and I.

It is why when one day, after an injury had me set my golf clubs aside for a while, when I decided to try my hand at painting art that motorsports (auto racing) was what I began to paint.

My first painting was AJ Foyt’s 1977 Coyote, the very car he won his 4th 500 with.

Then there’s the general love of cars: the awe of light rippling over the contours, the luster of color, the elegant sensual lines, the rumble of motors, the feel of speed. Their history… all of it.

My hope is that my art captures and emanates everything you,too, enjoy about automobiles, aircraft and other wondrous vistas of life. After all, isn’t life too short not to pause and enjoy it, then share that joy?