Zayven’s Gift

22″ X 42.5″ Acrylic on Wood Panel

Son of Indy© Original

In a Collection

About this Artwork

Zayven’s Gift was created for my grandson, who like a lot of kids, really loved Disney’s movie, Cars 3.

This painting was actually quite challenging, particularly the background with the “fans” in the stands. Thus far, this is about as close as I’ve gotten to abstract/representational work.

Part of the joy in creating this piece is that Zayven has the history of his great-grandfather attached to the back of this artwork, so he will know his connection to motorsports and the Indianapolis 500.

In addition, a friend of mine was a very dear friend of Paul Newman’s. Paul, the voice of the character Doc, had considerable influence on the original film. This friend sent me some items to give Zayven: a couple of Doc toys (one of which is encassed in an acrylic collectors box) the other is a photo of Paul with the Newman Haas Indycar/CART team, with a story about Paul’s involvement with racing.

No reproductions are available as Cars© is a Disney property. I created this painting solely for my grandson.