Raptor @ Dawn

12″ X 24″ Acrylic on Canvas

Son of Indy© Original

In a Collection

About this Artwork

“Raptor @ Dawn” was created for a great-nephew who, during his time at the Air Force Academy, had fallen (approximately 75 feet) from a popular hike nearby, Pulplit Rock. Ryan’s girl friend by his side, tended to his injuries until first responders were able to get to him (in the dark). His rescue has become a standard of training for military and civilian first responders due to its unique difficulties.

Ryan had been told he’d never walk again, much less fly. He was committed to flying again. At the family reception after his graduation from the Academy, he told me that in the midst of the challenges, his rigorous surgeries and physical therapy on his path to recovery,  this painting offered him encouragement and inspiration for him, particularly on his tough days, to keep focussed.

Today, though his injuries prevented him from flying fighter jets, he has been assigned to flying U28’s – frontline personnel and equipment aircraft.

Proud of you Ryan. He’s an inspiration to anyone who thinks you can’t overcome in one way or another.