A Well-Earned Triumph

18″ X 24″ Acrylic on Canvas

A Son of Indy© Original


About this Artwork

A Well-Earned Triumph was inspired by Tiger Woods’ 2019 Masters Tournament win, his first since 2008 (11 years). It was a phenomenal personal triumph after years of unsuccessful back surgeries, the the long climb back to winning golf.

It was truly a joy to see this man climb what many would have called, and some did, an insurmountable goal of winning in tournament golf again, much less the majors.

The elation, exultation in overcoming personal, public, and physical injuries and hardships.

I just had to attempt to capture that moment on canvas. Hopefully, his image in this moments instills immeasurable inspiration for all in their own goals and moments of overcoming challenges.

Here’s the final round on YouTube of the 2019 Masters