The Legend of the First Super Speedway

By Mark Dill

First Super Speedway thrusts you into the early 20th century with vivid interpretations of auto racing and what it would be like to walk among the people and grasp their world view. You will meet the rugged characters of the era as they get “corned” on whiskey, chew “chaw,” and violently bounce as they scorch the bricks of America’s first speedway. You will ride with them on trains, bound across the jagged terrain of road races, and step over dead horses rotting in the street. The world convulsed with technological change, and the winners mastered it. Everything unfolds through the eyes of protagonists Barney Oldfield and Carl Fisher as they grapple with a cultural battle for the soul of American auto racing. Most importantly, early auto racing’s good, bad, and ugly are put before you in an unvarnished fashion. Why? Because it really happened. No storyteller needs to dramatize a single detail because the amazing events actually took place, and the awe-inspiring people behind them walked the Earth just as you do now.