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A J Foyt Enterprises

A J Foyt Enterprises

AJ is a legend in motorsports.

Due to his father and my father having met when AJ was 10 years old, AJ met me when I was about 4.

So, it was natural that when I decided to try my hand at painting that one of AJ’s cars, his 1977 Coyote, was the first race car I tried to put to canvas.

What I can tell folks who only know of AJ from the lore and fanfare, as big as the racing legend he is, he’s more beyond the track than most will ever know.

This is the Foyt Collection.

My First Painting

Foyt's 1977 Coyote

Foyt’s 1977 Coyote is the first painting I created.

May 2012, I delivered the painting along with a couple of old photos.

Really enjoyed the smile those photos and the painting brought him.

AJ Foyt | Tony Stewart

Legend & Legacy

November 20, 2011, Tony Stewart secured his 3rd NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, by winning the 2011 Ford 400 race he had to win at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The manner in which he won that race reminded me so much of the dirt racer he is. It also reminded me of the man he himself admired so much – AJ.

Tony’s car number that night was number 14, the number associated with his hero. Tony’s respect for Foyt is such that when Tony began his NASCAR Stewart Haas Racing team, he personally called AJ and asked if he could use that number.

The way Tony’s drove the wheels of his #14 Chevy, their connection, the sharing of the number 14, and AJ’s legend was the inspiration for

“The Legend & The Legacy”

“You can feel the cars coming right at you!”
– Larry Foyt

2016 TEAM FOYT 14
2016 Team Foyt 14
2016 TEAM FOYT 35
2016 Team Foyt 35
2016 TEAM FOYT 41
2016 Team Foyt 41
AJ, Larry, Takumo Sato & I
AJ, Larry, Takumo Sato & I
AJ, Larry & I with No35
AJ, Larry & I with No35
AJ, Larry & I with No41
AJ, Larry & I with No41
L&L Delivery
Lauren, myself & Larry Foyt w/ Legend & Legacy
My daughter, Hannah & I in Foyt Wine Vault

Anne Fornoro, Communications Director for Foyt Racing and long-time friend, surprised me by arranging the delivery of the 2016 Team Foyt paintings during Takumo Sato’s fan club gathering at the Foyt Wine Vault, the day after the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

Thank you, Anne.

It’s an honor having Legend & Legacy featured at

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Last Lap w/ AJ & I
Last Lap